An Allegory (A Tale of Two Spirits)

God is Spirit. When we are born again, our spirit is infused with the Trinity, and we who believe are one with Him ... and with one another.

At a certain point in time and at a certain place, God brought together ... two pure sister spirits ... for whom His Son Jesus died. One sister spirit was a gentle spirit, led by the Father. She was an angel to hurting spirits because she too had suffered a really bad hurt. This gentle spirit had the knowledge and experience of God's grace in and upon her life.

The other was a hurting spirit who had never before been hurt this badly. Her husband’s spirit had just left to be with Jesus. In fact, when the hurting spirit met the gentle spirit, she was still sorting things out, and though it was two months after the fact, she still was not at peace with why the husband’s spirit had left so suddenly.

At God's appointed time, these two spirits met in a gathering for hurting spirits. In doing so, they had to meet through the bodies and minds that God had given them. The angelic gentle spirit was very generous and sweet to the crumpled hurting spirit and became the face of Christ to her. The gentle spirit offered to walk the journey of grief with the hurting spirit.

Though the gentle spirit continued to act in grace, by reason of her mind she realized the hurting spirit did not have grace operating in her life because she, the hurting spirit, could not accept God's forgiveness for past and present sins. The gentle spirit would often say, "Hurting spirit, you need to give yourself grace."

The two spirits often exchanged God's Word which does not return to Him empty or void but always accomplishes what it was set out to do. At one time, in a small circle of spirits, the hurting spirit recognized a special Divine oneness between her and the gentle spirit, as the gentle spirit poured out her heart and wept quietly before the Father. Afterwards, the gentle spirit said that something the hurting spirit had spoken that night had caused the gentle spirit to weep. The discussion had been about the "kisses" God often bestows upon us after we lose someone dear.

In a matter of weeks, one important thing the gentle spirit taught the hurting spirit was that God had put the hurting spirit on a pathway. The hurting spirit quickly learned to cling to that Truth, which gave her much hope. The gentle spirit also taught the hurting spirit there are “no accidents.” The mind of the hurting spirit began to think back to the early teaching in her life about the Sovereignty of God.

Because the hurting spirit's emotions were so filled with confusion, she began to hang on to the gentle spirit’s sweet affirmations and put the gentle spirit on a pedestal. In other words, she began to idolize the gentle spirit. Because of her shame, she became fearful, desperate, and manipulative at the fear of possibly not swaying with the gentle spirit. (The hurting spirit had always been pure, but she did not yet know it, as the concept of God's grace had not yet been revealed to her.)

Other God-sent spirits took measures to guard the ministry to hurting spirits and insure the hurting spirit would not be near the gentle spirit anymore. The two spirits would no longer sway together.

The gentle spirit remained gentle, though out of the frustration of feeling badgered and cornered, her emotions sometimes became confused and, at times, angry. Because her focus was on God, He protected the gentle spirit from falling or other harm. The gentle spirit remained faithful in her service to God and His work to help other hurting spirits.

Though the gentle spirit did not come out of the happenings unscathed, she became wiser for her experience. The hurting spirit repented that she, in any way, had caused pain and anxiety to the gentle spirit or to the ministry to other hurting spirits.

The hurting spirit went on to find forgiveness through grace. She progressed through Word-bathed programs to help her break down the walls she had built around her heart. In the shame-based religious system, these barriers had provided a way to protect herself from hurt. By surrendering her life to God and making Jesus the Lord of her life, she got rid of the idolatry and overcame the hurts through a grace-based relationship with God.

God has changed the hurting spirit, and her name is now "Beulah," "His delight is in her." Her land is now called "married" - to the Bridegroom (Isaiah 62:4). She has become a gentle spirit to help others.

The two sister spirits still have their differences in body and mind. Gentle spirit #1 lives close to her very large family and many responsibilities. Gentle spirit #2 lives by herself and has an entirely different lifestyle since she has no one to look after. The two sister spirits are each happily living their own lives and are still one in the Lord, though they presently have hardly any communication.

Gentle spirit #2 is trusting God to restore the whole person - spirit, body, and mind - friendship of the two sister spirits in His own way, in His own time, and for His own purposes. She believes that what happened in the story of Job is an example of the latter condition of Job being even better than the former. She believes God will provide timely, biblical and purposeful restoration. The times of sharing the Word and prayer with gentle spirit #1 will be amazing!

Gentle spirit #2 observes her gentle spirit #1 as a pure, unblemished spirit who loves God with all her heart and who desires that others come to know Him also. Gentle spirit #2 has a heart of gratitude and is learning to get her affirmations from within instead of depending upon gentle spirit #1 or any other gentle spirit to fill that need. She proclaims that all her needs are met in Jesus who finished the work of her salvation on the Cross.


Mary Lehman